Short Stories

Short stories (and poems) that I have published on my blog – enjoy!

Short Story: Eclipse – March 22 2015
Part: -100,000 to Part: +100 – is it the end of the world?

Short Story: Merry Krampus – 24 December 2014
You better be good, Krampus is coming!

Short Story: The Journey to a New Year Resolution – 22 December 2014
What impacts on the resolutions you make for the coming year?

Short Story: Running Home – November 12 2014
It’s hard being a teenager in an apocalypse, and harder still to avoid rabid, radioactive fiends!

Short Story: Strange Happenings at Chatsworth – November 8 2014
A story about the eldery… and cats.

Short Story: Words (and the injuries they might cause) – November 4 2014
A story about male violence towards women in fiction

Short Story: Him – October 31 2014

Short Story: Tweeter and the Space Monkey – August 3 2014
Tweeter is stranded on an ice planet with an intimidating space monkey

Flashback Friday: Poem – Why Believe In Reincarnation – June 6 2014

FlashbackFriday: Poem – Different Ways of Looking at Tybalt Eskabar Jones III – May 23 2014

FlashbackFriday: Poem – The History of the Moon – May 16 2014

FlashbackFriday: Short Story – Walking – April 25 2014
What happens after he dies?

FlashbackFriday: Short Story – The Last Laugh – March 14 2014
A bleak big brother style experiment goes wrong

Short Story: Golf Clubs – March 5 2014
The adventures of a group of burlesque strippers and a drag queen during a zombie apocalypse