Greetings! You have discovered the thoughts and musings (opinions) of author L.E. Turner

Expect to find posts on gender and racial equality, museums, archaeology and classical historyscif-fi, dystopiacomics and movies. Don’t be surprised if all of those turn up in one post!

Interesting Facts of Interest:

  • As a child I cracked my head open no less than three times during three separate incidents of me versus pavement/fireplace/more pavement.
  • Before the age of 10 I would rarely be found in shoes. Feets need to be FREEEEEE!!!
  • I started writing stories around the age of 6, in little tiny notepads on the front of which I always drew a pretty cover. My first stories were a series about some dragons and a standalone novella about a superhero called Lightening Woman.
  • I have a BA and MA in Archaeology with specialisms in prehistoric Europe (significantly Greece and the Cyclades), Classical Sparta, archaeology in the media and archaeology in film.
  • By day I work in a law firm pretending to be a normal human being. By night I write blog posts, novels and short stories (some of which can be found on this blog).
  • I was raised in South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol, UK) and now live in Bristol city. I have also lived in Leicester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Adelaide. Adelaide was by far the least coldest location in which I have lived.
  • In a former life I was Tiger Tiger, a glorious burlesque performer and producer, founding co-Producer of the Bristol Burlesque Festival.
  • Almost every bone in my body cracks, whether I want it to or not.
  • My three favourite foods are egg yolk, pineapple, and cake.
  • This is currently my favourite picture of me –
My favourite tattoo - my "Fierce" Tiger!