About the Nature of the Creature

This is the blog of L. E. Turner – author of About the Nature of the Creature. Nerd, feminist, cabaret performer and writer.

L.E. Turner started writing stories in small notebooks at the age of 6, with her “vivid imagination” commented on by primary school teachers. She continues to write prolifically – a regular contributor to an online magazine, she has been published in print media and is currently working on the sequel to About The Nature Of The Creature.

After completing two degrees in archaeology – specialising in archaeology and the media, prehistoric Europe and prehistoric and Classical Greece.  Her jobs have included working for charities, social enterprises and a museum. She is currently a cabaret performer and producer.

Her hobbies include volunteering for an archaeologically-based youth group, painting, costuming and cycling – usually not all at the same time.

About the Nature of the Creature

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advert“The hotel room was comfortable but sparse.  The window overlooked St Mary Redcliffe, lights played tantalisingly on the seemingly ancient stones in the pitch black.  An almost unnatural darkness thanks to the winter gloom in the night sky.  As the cold night drew further in, I wondered quite what I was doing in Bristol at all, and what had called me back.  Because something most definitely had called me back, there was no mistaking that.  It had been many years since I was last in this city, and with a big world ahead of me I had planned on never returning.”

Something has called Constance Smith back to Bristol, England.  Over a hundred years earlier she had been exiled from the community of her fellow Creatures residing under the streets of the city.  But now she has to once more join the society of werewolves and vampires that prowl the darkness.  And as events unfold around her, Connie finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her past.

L.E. Turner’s debut novel takes the English city of Bristol and turns it into a home and haven of a variety of supernatural Creatures.  Check back for future updates about the novel, where it will be stocked and sequels on the news page.


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