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About the Nature of Romance

crea•ture/ˈkrēCHər/Noun - An animal, as distinct from a human being

Recently, fellow Bristol based author, Thomas David Parker, reviewed my novel and gave a great write up on his blog. One thing he mentioned that I was really happy about, is the lack of romance in the story. I was especially pleased with his comment that “it was far more effective by not having a romance at the centre of it. The character dynamics are far more interesting and makes the outcome far less predictable.”


I made a conscious decision not to have romance in About the Nature of the Creature. The story has gore and violence but it doesn’t have romance. There is intimacy, there is also a hint at sex scenes happening behind closed doors, but I wanted to avoid erotica and even more so, romance. If there’s a complaint I can level at most books I have ever read which feature a female character in a…

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