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Live Tweet Review: The Warriors (1979)

The Warriors is a movie that I’m sure I must have watched one late night as a teenager but never really thought about. Moreso I am aware of the many pop culture parodies that have come over the years in shows such as American Dad and Community. An impromptu movie night last night with the Hubster and an even more impromptu live tweeting of the movie has led to this post.



Let’s press play…

You had me at purple lame vest!

You had me at purple lame vest!

Tweet Review: 

Scroll down for my summing up thoughts…

Watching The Warriors… That is some powerful synth!


This happened :)

This happened 🙂

#NoWhereToRunTo #NoWhereToHide

Who Does your make up? #BaseballGang

Bad swears :-/

Dubious love interest is dubious


Who knew Kiss started as a baseball team?!

Wish these young men would stop saying the other F Word.
Not nice boys, not nice!

It’s a trap! #TheChicksArePacked!

Shifty looking roller skating dude enters stage left

They need to find Swan. The 70s would have been easier with mobile phones

Who are these dungaree dudes? The Super Mario Brothers Gang?

So, Cyrus wanted to unite the gangs and now the gangs are uniting to catch the Warriors

Safe and sound back at Coney Island… but wait 😮


The Oscar does not go to the over acting Rogue

Think this is going to end badly for the Rogues

This film has an amazing soundtrack


In Summary:

I’m not sure what I was expecting from The Warriors, given my exposure to it via pop cult references and knowing that it was a film of its time – that time being the late 70s, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.

The premise is simple but cleverly set up with the Warriors mapping out their journey on the underground map before setting off to the big gang meeting in the faraway Bronx. The characters are mostly 2-dimensional tropes, but you come to root for them as a collective group – as The Warriors.

Our anti-heroes

Our anti-heroes

I prepared myself for the movie being quite dated, two uses of the word “faggot” were jarring but arguably of their day. However, what really surprised me was the women in this movie. I had expected that there might be the random love interest, which there was, and that women might generally be treated poorly by the male characters, which they were. But I was impressed that all the female characters held their own in a man’s world and were pretty well represented. There’s the girl gang who lure some of the boys in to trap them, there’s the female cop who gets the upper hand on one of the less stable members of the gang, and then there is the love interest – Mercy.

Don't mess with The Lizzies

Don’t mess with The Lizzies

When Mercy is first introduced I thought “here we go” and rolled my eyes, expecting the usual 2-d love interest who is only there to further the story of the male protagonist. And initially that is how she comes across, but as the story goes on – much like the cop and the girl gang – we find that Mercy not only can handle herself and prove herself, but she is also arguably the most self assured character we see. She is a sexual being and wants to live life for the now in a world where her options are gangs or motherhood. She knows what she wants and she goes for it and she knows that doesn’t make her a slut – in fact she gives her would-be-lover Swan a talking to about this. She is self possessed, confident and at the end stands with the Warriors as they reach the final show down, determined not to be held back by her gender. I’ve seen many 70s films centered around men where women are never as well developed as characters let alone able to break away from the stereotypical representation of women of the time. In fact I’ve seen recent films struggle to so that, so kudos to The Warriors.

Female Warrior

Female Warrior

It’s easy to see why this has become a cult classic – it is a story of anti-heroes and gangs which the audience can identify with. The internet is full of fan art for each of the gangs – which are you, one of the Furies? A Rouge? An Orphan? It’s an at times silly but entertaining road movie with no car, heist movie with no payoff, a video game or sorts and ultimately a story about the camaraderie you have with those people you have chosen as your family.

Which gang are you?

Which gang are you?


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