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Flashback Friday: Top Five Favourites – Jurassic Park (Movie)

I’ve been playing a lot of Zoo Tycoon lately and am about to start on the Dinosaur Dig extension pack for the first time ever – all because, for some reason, Jurassic Park has been looming large in my mind of late. I watched the trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World and was intrigued enough to re-watch Jurassic Park, easily one of my favourite movies. I’ve watched it in the cinema twice – once on first release with my family where my mum caused someone sitting behind us to throw his popcorn in the air in fright, and for a second time with my husband when it was rereleased into the cinema for the 20th Anniversary.

I grew up with a love of dinosaurs, my dad still tells the story of how one of my first words was Tyrannosaurus Rex, so I obsessed over this film when I was younger. In fact I even looked into going to the USA to study a degree in Palaeontology, but ended up staying in the UK and pursuing my other love, archaeology. Watching it recently it is a film that totally stands the test of time and is as epic as when first released.


First Glimpse

Even though the audience pretty much knows what is coming, the first appearance of a live dinosaur on the big screen was an epic moment in cinema that gave everyone chills. We are there caught up in the wonder and awe right along with the characters. At a time that pre-dated the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs by over half a decade, this was something we had never seen before.


Glossing Over Science

This movie takes a scene of scientific exposition – whilst on the seated tour – to gloss over the actual science. By making it part of a tour for visitors of all ages, they have dumbed it down. So we know where they got the DNA from, how they then created the dinosaurs by adding frog DNA (pertinent to the plot) but not enough science fiction to pick holes in the actual science fact and detract from the movie. It’s actually very clever.


The Score

The music of Jurassic Park is by far one of it’s highlights. It is a perfect fit for the awe meets action emotional rollercoaster the movie wants to take you on. Another great turn out by John Williams, like so many of his other scores it has become iconic.


Life… uh… Finds A Way…

Quotability for a movie nerd like me ranks highly in my appreciation of a movie. After all, if I have enjoyed a movie I want to be able to drop one liners from it into conversation with my fellow nerds, and the quotability of this movie is phenomenal, perhaps not in quantity but in quality. The above being the most iconic quote, my other favourites are “clever girl” and of course…


The Novel

It would be remiss to talk about the movie and not mention the novel. Aside from being an amazing book in it’s own right, it acts as an in depth companion to the movie in much the way a movie novelisation does. There is deeper characterisation, more science and it even answers a few questions you may have from the movie. If you loved the movie you have to read this book!



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