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Flashback Friday: Who Wants To Live Forever

I had meant to put this up last Friday, but life got in the way. Last week would have possibly made more sense as it would have been the week of the anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury.

Growing up, my brother and I were obsessed with Freddie and Queen. We were both totally crushed when Freddie died and I know his death has definitely shaped aspects of my life – from writing my GSCE Sociology project on HIV in society to working for and fundraising for HIV/AIDS charities.

2011 was the 20th anniversary of Freddie’s death and for a couple of years I had already been considering ways in which I could commemorate this. Finally I decided to hold a fundraising burlesque show, raising money for The Mercury Phoenix Trust.

RIP Freddie

RIP Freddie

The show was a massive success – with some incredibly talented performers, and hosted by myself to ensure I did Freddie justice. We performed a sell out show to 250 people and raised over £1500 for the charity through ticket sales and stalls. We raffled off some amazing prizes donated by local businesses and had a special prize draw for a Mercury Christmas cake made by my lovely mother, Mama Tiger.

I am so proud of what we did that night, and still have people comment to me to this day how much they loved and remember the show. I will always be really grateful to our wonderful performers who did such an amazing job and to the audience for helping us raise so much money in memory of a man we all loved.

Let’s remember Freddie again, and enjoy once more the fun of that night though this time through video and pictures!

With grateful thanks to the cast!

Lady Lace, Delilah Lilac, Kitty Curvaceous, Violet Vayne, Moreorlesque, Velveteen Hussey, Cherry Blush, Scarlet Bliss, and music from Miss Terri Davies and The Dolly Mixtures. Hosted by Tiger Tiger.

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