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Let Me Tell You A Story, Jack!

crea•ture/ˈkrēCHər/Noun - An animal, as distinct from a human being

I’m ashamed to say that although it has been running for a year, last night was the first time I made it along to Let Me Tell You A Story, Jack – one of Bristol’s story telling nights than can be found at The Crofter’s Rights.

Storytelling ahoy! Storytelling ahoy!

It was a fantastic evening with some really strong storytelling and live music (provided by Will Harding), though I may be bias as I actually ended up winning a prize! The format of the evening is that of an open mic night for storytellers, with two themes. Readers don’t have to stick to the themes but if they do they are in with a chance of winning best story! Last night’s themes were Spooky Stories, for which Tom Parker’s amazing tale of Anansi won, and Lucky Escapes for which I won with my new short story Running Home. The…

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