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Flashback Friday: Heroes and Villains Pub Crawl

It was either the first or second year at uni (1999/2000) that my friends and I went along on the Heroes and Villains Pub Crawl. It was for the medics, of which three of our friends were, and so we all decided to go as one themed group.

The theme we chose was the villains of Batman.

Let me explain though, that this wasn’t a case of assigning costumes and getting on with it – we did thorough research. We all set aside a weekend, went along to the local video store and rented the Burton/Schumacher movies. This was an experience in itself! The video store was this pokey little shop with videos stacked from floor to ceiling throughout, with little sense of order. We asked the store owner if he had the movies and he went off to four different and random parts of the store and somehow unearthed them all for us. His filing system still boggles my mind.

Thus began an epic movie marathon, where characters were decided and notes were taken. Next up were several shopping trips in charity shops and the like. Not to forget the party store where we purchased our spray in hair dyes.

I was the Riddler. I already had green trousers so I managed to find a green shirt and a green blazer which had these massive gold buttons. I took off the buttons and applied silver glitter fabric paint to the blazer and a dark green fabric pen to the shirt, to produce the necessary question marked look. Red hair spray and a green mask later and the look was complete.

I think you can see from the picture that, given this was for a one day pub crawl, we all went above and beyond to produce some amazing amateur cosplay! Just such a shame that the below appears to be the only photographic evidence from this epicness.



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