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Do you read your Twitter Messages?

crea•ture/ˈkrēCHər/Noun - An animal, as distinct from a human being

As I’m sure many of my fellow writers can sympathise, I receive a lot of messages via my twitter account and I’m sure I’m not alone in not always knowing what to do with them.

To be honest, I’m terrible at replying to messages, be they on twitter, facebook or even SMS. Many I will read and then just forget to go back to, but with twitter I’ve pretty much stopped reading them as they come in. The very fact that this has come about has also convinced me of something I’d been mulling over for a while – I am not going to set up some kind of auto-messaging, because essentially that’s what they all are.


I get the idea behind these auto-messages, and I can sympathise. As my followers have grown I don’t have as much of a chance to reply personally to each and every new follower…

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