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Flashback Friday: Too Hot To Hula

My blog has been a little neglected recently. Partly because I am writing so much more – working on the sequel to About the Nature of the Creature as well as some other projects on and off – and partly because I’ve been busy with burlesque.

We’ve had no recent Flashback Friday posts as I have spent a couple of Friday’s out in that fabulous world of sequins, glitter and ALL THE HAIRSPRAY! I went along to watch Coochie Crunch presents Electric Ladyland and the Copper Feel Cabaret and thoroughly enjoyed both. Great shows, great performances and a really lovely time catching up with friends on the scene. In fact, I’ll be spending even more time in that world next week at the Bristol Burlesque Festival which I co-founded and am still excited to be a small part of!

Not surprisingly then, I’ve had several conversations in the last few weeks that have centered around my days as a burlesque performer. I have to admit I miss it, as I knew I would when I retired – but I’m still happy with my decision. This hasn’t stopped the reminiscing though, about friends, backstage antics, awesome shows, fun routines and in particular about the act that became my signature routine – Too Hot To Hula.

It was the first act I ever performed, and evolved over time – including the song I used, many of the moves, the props and even led to the creation of a zombie version for Halloween shows! I discussed some aspects of this in a post on CoochieCrunch.com. As part of my reminiscing, I thought I would share a few images of the act I performed so many, many times. I hope you enjoy this snap shot of times past and consider popping along to your local burlesque shows. If you’re in Bristol, you really should check out the eclectic, high calibre and astounding acts that make up the Bristol Burlesque Festival!

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