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Flashback Friday: About the Nature of the Creature

crea•ture/ˈkrēCHər/Noun - An animal, as distinct from a human being

This month it has been three years since About the Nature of the Creature went to print.

I’ve written before with updates on the novel. On marketing fails, onvariousaspects of the story, the new cover, and few more tidbits in this interview. I suppose I could write more about Creature, but as it happens I am currently busy working on the sequel – with almost two chapters down so far.

So instead, I am going to point you elsewhere –

Darkling Tales

A new website launched this month, “Darkling Tales is a collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry and book excerpts from the darker side of life. Penned by promising independent writers from all over the world, we bring you shadowy tales of horror, the paranormal, and the weird.”

By way of a little coincidence, today’s feature on the website is an excerpt from…

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