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Flashback Friday: Yes I like Piña Colada

Released in 1979, “Escape” has been a song I have enjoyed for many years. I think I first grew to love it when I was in my first year at university and identified with many aspects of the song (a love of piña coladas and hatred of yoga).

I think the main reason I love the song, is because I like things that are stories, and this song is a story. One of the best romance stories in the history of romance.

The song is about a fella, bored of the dull routine relationship between him and his wife, replies to a personals ad. The ad is pretty awesome and so is his reply. He meets up with the woman, only to discover it’s actually his wife. Ignoring the lax morals on both sides of this equation, there has surely a story of true love and kismet never before been told so beautifully?!

Who wouldn't want to escape with this guy!

Who wouldn’t want to escape with this guy!

This song is one of the many feel good treasures available on the Guardians of the Galaxy sound track, which I touched on in my earlier post about the movie. I cannot recommend the film, or this particular song, highly enough! And most especially the beautiful video below full of beautiful people wearing beautiful things!




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