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Guardians of the Galaxy: The gift that keeps on giving

I’ve not even bothered to write an “Almost Review” for Guardians of the Galaxy, because there is nothing I can say that will do justice to the awesomeness of the movie!

AWESOME! Thanks for asking

AWESOME! Thanks for asking

So, in brief: Hubster and I have discussed the possibility of it being Marvel’s best film to date. We both loved Cap 2, and obviously have a soft spot for Iron Man, but even after deciding it wasn’t fair to compare as they are all essentially different genres, we decided yes – GotG is Marvel’s best film to date. My only negative thoughts on it was a lack of female representation – yes we had Gamora, Nebula and Nova Prime – but seriously, 3 prominent women when we make up 50% of the population? This will always be my bug bear, with pretty much every film ever.

Moving on…

What I have found interesting since watching the movie on opening night, is the reaction I’ve seen all over social media. Most significantly the fact that in the last week I have read several facebook posts and tweets about how the film has really cheered someone up. A great example is this one from burlesque performer and cosplayer Mojo Jones:

“I am pretty damn public about my struggles with depression and anxiety as I believe very strongly in normalising it. Everyone will struggle with some form of mental illness at some point and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. I’ve just spent the last two days feeling like I will never smile again. I have just seen Guardians of the Galaxy though. I smiled from beginning to end. Feel like it should be recommended by health professionals.”

I think it is truly amazing when a movie can touch people on this level. And so few these days really are “feel good” movies.

I understand this myself, having a trying time of it lately, and listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack on my way into work the last two mornings hasn’t just put a spring in my step but lifted my entire day.

... oooga chucka...

… oooga chucka…

The depth of happiness to be found in this film doesn’t surprise me at all, all the clues were there – the amazing trailer and also, my only previous exposure to GotG to date being some hilarious (laugh out loud on the bus with everyone watching you) moments in the cross over with Captain Marvel.

Oh rocket, you Flerkin hating fool!

Oh rocket, you Flerken hating fool!

So, no review, but certainly a recommendation – if you like fun, if you like being happy, if you need to see a movie inspired by some of your childhood favourites with swearing rolled in, if your hooked on a feeling, if you like pina colada,  if you want to see a grown man try and take down the villain with the power of song, if you want to know why we are all Groot, then you need to watch this movie.


3 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy: The gift that keeps on giving

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  2. Objectively I think that The Winter Soldier is the better movie…subjectively though I would re-watch GotG three times as often as The Winter Soldier. It is one of those movie I not only never get tired of but would also seek out simply because it is so much fun.

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