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Flashback Friday: That Merpeople painting

Someone pointed out to me a while back the oddness of the painting hanging in my bathroom. When I told them the history of it they found it odder still.

This is the painting.



And this is the history – 

I rescued this painting from my parents loft about 8 years ago. It had been relegated to the attic a few years before when mum had the living room redecorated. Until then it had hung on the wall above the big sofa – to be replaced by a cross stitch of a countryside scene. Mother had begun her twee phase.

As you can see, the painting is of two merpeople copulating. It’s not especially graphic, after all their bottom halves are fish tails. That said, there is an unrestricted view of boobage.

Even thinking about this now, having this hang on the wall of my childhood home – since childhood – doesn’t strike me as odd. My mum loved this picture. I still do. All I see when I look at this steamy fish scene is beauty.

I’m glad that I grew up in a household of hand made clothes and beaded curtains. A home life that taught me that we’re all beautiful, and there is nothing that human (or merpeople) body does that is shameful or obscene.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ok with that and I’m glad I rescued the painting.




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