Live Tweet Review / review

Live Tweet Reviews!

I don’t feel like I review as many movies and shows on my blog as I would really like to. Sure I’ve done “almost reviews” from impromptu cinema trips, but the truth is most of the time when I go to see a movie I really just want to sit there and let it wash over me, rather than worrying about jotting notes.

I am ready for the movie to commence!

I am ready for the movie to commence!

With older movies I often dismiss reviewing them, as what new can I really add? Sure my reviews tend to spend half the time focusing on the racial and gender representations, which I think is a good aspect to include (and is honestly what usually strikes me first and strongest about a movie). But am I really adding something new, something entertaining to what has come before? Maybe not.

But I had a thought the other day, what if, rather than make notes, I tweet my thoughts as I watch? Assembled together they would form a review of sorts, but they would also give my twitter peers a chance to interact and get involved, even give their point of view and call me out on stuff or agree with me. I figure this could get interesting!

Fun for all!

Fun for all!

So, Live Tweet Reviews will be a new occasional feature on my twitter and blog! Expect to see reviews of my latest DVD purchases, old favourites or Netflix offerings. I’m going to kick it off tomorrow with a viewing of Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes (2001), which I haven’t watched since it’s cinema release. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you can join me!

The details:
Movie: Planet of the Apes (2001)
Pressing Play at: 4pm GMT on Sunday 6th July

Feel free to pop in your own copy and watch along or just join me to witness my uncensored stream of consciousness, or just pop back to my blog in the near future for the complete write up.

Are you ready for this? Probably not...

Are you ready for this? Probably not…



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