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Flashback Friday: Tuvix

Continuing my current Star Trek immersion (via my last few Flashback Friday posts), those of you who follow me on Twitter might have seen that I have recently been re-watching Voyager from the beginning (now nearing the end of season 3). At some point I may review the occasional episode or dissect a character (not literally) but for today I want to impart something that has been playing on my mind.

Tuvix. Not just the episode, but also the character.

The premise of the character is an interesting one. Polar opposites Tuvok and Neelix are caught in a transporter accident (yes, another one of those!) and end up fused together. We’re not talking Brundlefly, but a new, distinct third race and personality. On the surface this is could be hilarious. Imagine the hijinx that could ensue from those two characters being melded together! One the happiest man in the universe, the other the essence of Vulcan cool and logic!! Oh the hilarity!!

Oh NOES!!!

Oh NOES!!!

However, in an interesting turn. What we actually get is something I can only describe as sinister.

When Tuvix first arrives, there is something wholly otherworldly, unnerving and kind of unnatural about him. This feeling is not belayed as he makes friends with the crew and fits in, a better version on some levels than his disparate parts.

Creepiest smile... ever!!

Creepiest smile… ever!!

It is his relationship with Kes that highlights the issues with this actually not at all hilarious scenario. Her beloved Neelix has effectively ceased to exist, and Tuvix is not the same person despite the memories and feelings he might hold. The whole thing basically starts to get super creepy.



And just as you’re wondering how will this situation resolve, they find a way to reverse the accident, returning Tuvok and Neelix but effectively exterminating Tuvix. Awesome. Only one problem Tuvix doesn’t want to die.

So the Captain, in a very Game of Thrones way, takes it upon herself to essentially murder him.

I can imagine that this episode started in the writers room with a “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if…” no writers, it wouldn’t. It really wouldn’t.




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