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Miles Morales: The Future of Spider-Man

Of late I have really enjoyed reading the recent copies of Ultimate Spider-Man and also The Ultimates, as well as picking through the back issues and I have come to the conclusion that I want NEED to see a Miles Morales Spider-Man movie!



Along with Superman and Batman, Spider-Man is one of the top hitting comic book heroes of all time, and with that one of Marvel’s biggest properties. But so far the celluloid versions of old web head have been ok, but not up there with the likes of the many other recently prolific super hero movies.

Old News?

Part of the problem is making Spider-Man interesting. That sounds ridiculous, I know, as he is a really interesting character. But he’s also really well known in the mainstream, so even before Toby Maguire donned the costume in 2001, most of the audience knew what to expect from his origin story. Although both Spider-Man 1 and 2 were pretty awesome, 3 let it down and overall the movies failed to reach the heights we are now seeing from other superhero movie franchises. So rebooting into Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 might have made sense to bring it to that level, if it wasn’t so terrible – another rehash of the now over done origin story in a movie only made watchable by it’s admittedly mostly fantastic cast. I said much the same of Amazing Spider-Man 2, a film that failed to hold it’s own against the other franchises out at the same time. And right or not, the audience is going to make that comparison and they are going to go and watch Winter Soldier for the second time rather than this.

... fight!!!

… fight!!!

There is also the problem of making Spider-Man relevant to modern audiences. Spider-Man tried to kick it old school. It was a movie out of time, much like the Christopher Reeve Superman movies of the 70s and 80s. You knew they were contemporary, but at the same time there was enough of a retro feel to give it that timeless quality. Although Amazing Spider-Man felt a little more modernised, it also felt safe.

Why Miles Morales?

What difference would it make to see some Ultimate Spider-Man movies on the big screen? It would allow an update to the Spider-Man universe that has been lacking so far. I don’t just mean in terms of broadening the use of “others” in super hero movies (which I have discussed before here), which would be welcomed. But it will also allow an edgy update that would perhaps help Spidey compete with the likes of the X-Men and Avengers franchises.

For one thing, Miles Morales is the modern version of Peter Parker. A skinny, funny kid from modern Brooklyn, where the white population is now less than 50%, is just as likely to be Miles these days than Peter. But aside from that, Miles is an awesome character – he’s funny, nerdy, and he has a lot of stuff to deal with. He’s younger than Peter, his family background has been troubled since he became Spidey and there’s a lot going on for him to deal with. And arguably Ultimate Spider-Man is more reflective of modern society to an extent…

Life as a superhuman tween is complicated!

Life as a superhuman tween is complicated!

That extent being the differences between the regular Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe.


Another draw of Ultimate Spider-Man will be the Ultimate Universe itself! Of late there has been some seriously astonishing things going on over there which would make a fresh and interesting change to the Marvel Universe cinema goers are now used to. With this Universe’s version of the Avengers (the Ultimates) enduring war, politics, and for some, a deadly end, it would bring something very different to the screen than we have seen before and really distinguish itself from the other Marvel U films on the block right now with one exception – X-Men Days of Future Past. This new and pretty awesome movie features scenes set in a not too distant alternative future, which were incredibly well done. Imagine a whole Spider-Man movie set in a parallel not-quite-as-nice-as-here universe and already you’ve got something awesome to play with!

Shit gets real! For serious!

Shit gets real! For serious!

The genius of it is also the fact that as Ultimate is an alternative universe, there is nothing to stop two simultaneous Spider-Man franchises taking place at one time – with the continuity of the Amazing Spider-Man movies being left untouched by a potential Miles Morales lead feature.



What are the chances?

Current (Amazing) Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, as a huge Spidey fan, has gone on record as saying he thinks a Miles Morales movie would be interesting and could work. But looks like we shouldn’t hold out breath – chances seem shamefully slim, which is pretty sad on many levels. With Spider-Man producers pretty cold to and scared of the idea of anyone other than Peter Parker as Spider-Man, we are unlikely to see this soon.

Garfield has implied that Amazing Spider-Man 3 will likely be his last outing, which leaves us either on the search for a new Spider-Actor, another rehash (yawn) or potentially the opportunity to do something different, new, interesting!

As the fellas over at Den of Geek put it – “That leaves Sony with a huge headache if true. It needs core Spider-Man films to keep this movie universe going, in the way that Fox has effectively built its X-Men universe around Wolverine. With Garfield gone, would the studio have to reboot again? Could it even get away with rebooting again? That’s a question that it may just have two years to come up with an answer to – and the health of the planned spin-offs may just depend on it.”

Seriously guys, Miles Morales is the way forward!

He ain't wrong!

He ain’t wrong!


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