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Follow Up: Nope – BonBon Perfume

Following on from my Nope!Post on BonBon Perfume – Debenhams Edition, the lovely people at Debenhams got back to me, and have actually removed the horrible Viktor & Rolf advertising from their window!

Oh look, a naked woman advertising something :O

Oh look, a naked woman advertising something :O

On emailing them, I immediately recieved an automated acknowledgement email, and within a day someone emailed me back to say it would be forwarded on to Nick Brand, the store manager at Bristol as I had requested. Over the weekend I had a reply from Mr Brand, the content of which was this –

Thank you for your email regarding the visual materials in our windows. I am sure you are aware that these photographics are approved by our Head Office team and are not specific to the Bristol store.

I will be removing these photographics over the next couple of days and will forward your concerns to our team in London, however I cannot guarantee that this type of advertising will not be used again in the future.
Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns
Firstly, it was really great to finally get a response to one of my Nope!Posts but even better to have it result in action. The cynic in me wonders if the adverts were due to come down anyway. Even so, I feel my point has been heard and will be on to them again if similar adverts are put up in future!
I passed the store on my way into work this morning and the advertising has been taken down and replaced with pretty pictures of perfume.
Well ladies, I’m gonna call that one a win!



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