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Flashback Friday: Poem – Once Asked: Why Believe in Reincarnation

As mentioned in my recent poetry post, I’ve never especially been into poetry, but had to do some for a Creative Writing class in 2003/2004. I recently came across some of the poems I wrote as part of the class and though I’d share them here with you as the last couple have been quite popular. Strangely enough, I also had a dream the other day that my deceased cat (Bustopher Jones aka Busty Boo Boo Face) was still alive and his dying wish was to visit France. So I spent the whole dream trying to smuggle a sick cat over international borders, it was stressful but at least he died happy!

Once asked:  Why believe in reincarnation.

I smiled,
Answered simply –

After all the work,
Toil, pain and bustle,
The ultimate reward would be –
A cat’s life next
Vexed by this one
It’s all I can hope that awaits me.

Life as a cat would be far from this,
Hiss?  I never would, and why?

To laze all day, no work, no school,
Brawl?  There would be no need.
As a cat no need to sigh.

I could bathe in the summer sunlight,
Fight?  Poppycock, on no account,
As a cat no need to try.

Lie around and lick my tail,
Wail?  No reason at all,
As a cat no need to cry.

My only fear – those speeding cars,
Mars as it might an otherwise perfect life.
As a cat a fear to die.

But still to live somewhere,
An owner’s kind hand to feed
Need?  For nothing
As a cat.

Though I may find, one day off,
The love has gone – I’m old,
Vented the house would need to be.
Until the time that I must fly.

Another reincarnation,

All I can hope that such a life awaits,
Gates?  I want none,
No kennel or leash,
Let me live again
As a cat in peace.

As a cat no need to try

As a cat no need to try


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