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Free Comic Book Day: 2014 Haul

Saturday 3rd May was Free Comic Book Day across the globe. I always have fond memories of Free Comic Book Day, but sad to say that the comic store I attended for the first few that I can remember has been closed for years. That’s why I was completely ok with the way my two local comic book stores handled the day.

Forbidden Planet, a large chain store, decided the fairest way to give away comics was to pop a small selection in a bag and give one bag to each person in the store, no purchase necessary. Our local independent comic store, Excelsior!, allowed each customer to select one comic book from the laid out range, on purchase of any item within the store. To me, this was more than fair and reflective of the situations of each store.

As awesome as my local comic book stores are, I wish I'd been somewhere this might have happened!!

As awesome as my local comic book stores are, I wish I’d been somewhere this might have happened!!

As well as ending up spending yet more cold hard cash on comics, I picked up from Free Comic Book Day: Futures End, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Racoon, Scam Crosswords, from Forbidden Planet and Skyward/Midnight Tiger from Excelsior! Not a bad haul!

I am yet to get around to reading DC’s Futures End, partly as the Hubster has already read, bagged and boarded it and it may be some time before I locate it again!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was intriguing – teaming them up with Venom which reminded me of the Iron Man instigated team up of the Guardians with Captain Marvel in her current run. My main disappointment with this was the fact that Captain Marvel, featured on the cover, was not in the issue at all. The Spider-Man/Spiderverse pages weren’t really my cup of tea, but it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.

Good read, but a shame Captain Marvel doesn't make an appearance

Good read, but a shame Captain Marvel doesn’t make an appearance

Another Marvel title, Rocket Racoon was a cute story, at which I did find myself laughing aloud at some points. I don’t think I will start reading the title, but it has piqued my interest in the upcoming movie.

To be totally honest, I didn’t read Scam Crosswords. It’s not a title I think I’d grab from the shelf but felt like I should give it a go anyway. So I flicked through the pages and the art work, and especially the portrayal of female characters put me off.

By far the best title I picked up was the Skyward / Midnight Tiger combo from Action Lab. This is the title I picked up from Excelsior and having already gotten quite the haul from Forbidden Planet I let the store clerk recommend. It was the last copy he had there and he said that Skyward had been incredibly popular. Although it was interesting, the Skyward story itself didn’t grab me, in part because it felt like I’d come in half way through a story. Midnight Tiger on the other hand…

Grab one of these if you haven't already!

Grab one of these if you haven’t already!

Top Pick: Midnight Tiger

I loved this. As with recent Marvel Comics hit Ms Marvel, this story is set in a world populated with Superheroes and our protaganist is one of their many nerdy, fans, who happens to become a superhero himself! The reason I love this kind of premise, is like many other readers, I am one of those nerdy comic book fans who wish superheroes were real. With the added potential that one day I will be reborn as a superhero. Unlikely? Yes, that is why I live vicariously through the likes of Ms Marvel and now Midnight Tiger.

The story, an origin tale, in a few pages fleshes out the world of superheroes and sets the scene for things to come. It also does a great job of introducing the likeable Gavin (Midnight Tiger) and his teen life in a crime ridden city that he feels has been abandoned by the superheroes.

I am very excited about this title and will definitely be grabbing upcoming issues!

Can't wait to read more about this guy!!

Can’t wait to read more about this guy!!


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