About the Nature of Purgatory

The deadliest nightclub in Bristol? Beware, drinks offers all night and cocktails full of bite!

crea•ture/ˈkrēCHər/Noun - An animal, as distinct from a human being

Welcome to the second of a series of insight posts with L.E. Turner into About the Nature of the Creature.

About the Nature of Purgatory

Purgatory is the name that the Creatures have given to the part of Bristol they inhabit. It’s made up of a few apparently disused buildings above ground and continues into some of the secret tunnels that actually do exist under Bristol. They use these tunnels and sewers to get around under the city.

One of Bristol's underground secrets! One of Bristol’s underground secrets!

We learn early on that the Purgatory Connie knew in her time in Bristol is very different to the one she finds on her return. When Connie lived in Purgatory, she and her fellow ruling class, had the run of the place – with luxurious chambers and even cells in which they kept humans as pets. The above ground section of Purgatory was mostly a disused and partially ruined theatre…

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