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FlashbackFriday: M&S Nov 2010 window display

WordPress openID never works, so when I recently commented on a friend’s Blogger post it took me back to my own blogger that was in use for the length of 2010. One thing that jumped out at me was this image –

M&S, Bath - window display Nov 2010

M&S, Bath – window display Nov 2010

So this is the window display I encountered at Mark & Spencer in Bath, UK. I worked in Bath at the time and passed this a couple of times a day, and each time it kinda creeped me out. I can only presume (from the fact that they ladykins crotches are roughly eye level to the passing shoppers) that this was actually their Halloween display – intended to scare children from ever loving the cooch. Because let’s face it – this is just freaking icky!!

Well done M&S, how to make your “classy” undies look trashy in one hideous display.

Here’s what my friends on facebook had to say at the time –

It was a confusing time

It was a confusing time

To this day I wonder how many complaints they had from parents (at the least). And I meant what I said about it being social commentary, I kept expecting some massive feminist sign to appear with them or instead of them one day saying how women are not just faceless objects to be posed in bizarre yet sexual ways. But nope, they were just advertising their panties.

The one second from the right still haunts my dreams!


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