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Nope! Powergirl

Further to my post about the portrayal of women in comics, this is a “Nope” post.

To recap – To stop buying the comics would make me no longer complicit in their portrayals of women, and it would take away the very tiny and insignificant proportion of profit that I give to publishers, but it wouldn’t really change anything. Sometimes, to change something, you need to know it well. It’s very difficult to argue that you disagree with something that you do not partake in. So, here is what I plan to do, and please feel free to join me in this – the next time and every time I see a portrayal that I am unhappy with I will do two things –

  1. I will create a blog post called “Nope!” with details of what and why I am unhappy.
  2. I will write a calm and considered letter to DC or whoever to ask them to rethink the way they portray women.

Nope #2

Yes, we remember her old bosom flashing costume, no we don't need you to keep ripping her new one to remind us. Seriously, stop!

Yes, we remember her old bosom flashing costume, no we don’t need you to keep ripping her new one to remind us. Seriously, stop!

Dear Diane Nelson

I am writing in complaint of the portrayal of Power Girl in World’s Finest Trade Paperback #1 (The Lost Daughter’s of Earth 2) by Levitz, Perez and Maguire. The reason I found this portrayal offensive, is that in several scenes Power Girl’s costume was ripped to elude to her more revealing and demeaning costume of the past. This is especially disappointing considering she is one of the few women of New 52 who’s costume has become less demeaning!

Women in all cultures have to endure on going disrespect and everyday sexism. How can we expect this change whilst mediums such as comics encourage the acceptability of such disrespect and sexism. Even if you believe that your main fan base is male, does this give the creative teams a right to portray women poorly? Is it ethical or moral to do so? Every time a woman is poorly portrayed you are adding to ideas we are constantly fighting on how women should be treated – every disrespectful portrayal or circumstance adds to the acceptance and propagation of the disrespect.

I enjoy the stories of DC Comics and wish to continue buying and reading them, however I do not agree with the portrayal of female characters within them. This leaves me having to choose between not reading them or being complicit and accepting of those portrayals. Therefore, I ask you reconsider the portrayal of women in DC Comics and strive to make changes moving forward.

Many thanks
L.E. Turner

Sent via DC Entertainment contact page at 11.27am on 18/03/2014



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