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Commenting on Commenting about Comments

You may have noticed that one of my go-to places for up to the minute and interesting genre news is Den of Geek.

Den of Geek

Den of Geek

Of all the websites I have ever spent a large (and I mean large) amount of time perusing, it is one of my favourites. Not just because it is a great source of news and features, but also because it is a nice, friendly and supportive environment. Nowhere is this more true than their comments sections, especially in comparrison to such sections on many other websites.

Yes there are the occasional spats where people have a difference of opinion, but it tends not to be personal or nasty. So I don’t know what really spartked Den of Geek to write their “Can we have a chat about comments on articles” post, but I’m glad they did.

Because what they’ve done is put out there an ethos by which they want to run their website, and it is one that many others would do well to take note of. Most especially point 3 –

Comments discussing the sexual attraction of the man/woman/CG animal in question, when they’re along the lines of ‘I wouldn’t’, or something of equal ilk.”

Comments of this type are just the sort of everyday sexism that women, especially, have to put up with (I can’t speak for CG animals). It still remains a little shocking that the representation of women and the treatment of female fans is not wholly equal within genre media (as I have discussed before) – especially considering a shit load of it is set in the future – doesn’t say a lot for their vision of the future!

Female cosplayers put up with a lot of shit. Seriously!

Female cosplayers put up with a lot of shit. Seriously!

So, its really great to have a site such as Den of Geek put down in writing their intention to tackle one of the many issues that can make sites such an uncomfortable environment. As mentioned in the comments to their post – many other websites could do to adopt this sort of position. In fact all of them really.

Thanks Den of Geek! You’re pretty damn awesome!



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