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Personal: Zombies

This week I have had disturbing, zombified dreams and very little sleep. You must wonder, “what on earth is going on in your life that you are dreaming of such things?!”

I guess many writers and other creative bods must be like me, in that they dream epic, lucid and movie-like dreams (some of which have inspired creativity in the forms of art and writing). Like me then, some of you may realise that watching television before bed isn’t necessarily a good thing. Watching The Walking Dead before bed probably isn’t a great idea. Especially, if like me, you actually have a zombie phobia.

My brain does not approve of my love for this show!

My brain does not approve of my love for this show!

Of all genres of TV and film, and to an extent books, my favourite is post-apocolyptic. I think somewhere deep down this is because I want to be prepared for any and all future apocolyptic scenarios – these are then, training guides. The only problem with this is that many involve zombies.


Before 2007 this wouldn’t have been a problem for me. I loved zombie shows and movies, and they have become a massively popular part of the apocolypse genre. But in 2007 I met my now Hubster, and somewhere in my head the idea of zombies became equated with the idea of loss. In my previous apocolpyse plans my only worries were finding weapons, finding a horse, and then finding my family and getting them to safety. With a love interest on the scene, that all started to unravel – what if he died, or was bit, what would I do if I couldn’t save him.

Important knowledge!

Important knowledge!

In fact, this whole idea of meeting him making me scared of zombies formed the bulk of my wedding speech.

Why zombies? I guess because they do represent the extreme of the apolcolpyse. Not only the end of the world and fighting each other for survival, but also fighing mindless, destructive creatures… who used to be our loved ones. Also, when I was falling in love with the Hubster I watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead – I think my brain connected the two.

So, maybe, for the want of a good night’s sleep, I should stop watching the Walking Dead before bed. It makes me all on edge, as much as I enjoy it, and then there I am, sleeping with zombies in my brain. I think maybe I should leave that viewing for the weekend. I’ll just go back to watching Jericho…


4 thoughts on “Personal: Zombies

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Yeah, you’re right, hence the thought terrifies me! Also had the Hubster tell me a few days ago that he would kill himself if there was a zombie outbreak as he wouldn’t want to try to live through it. Oh dear!

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